Hair and body products

When it comes to hair, body or facial treatments: natural make-up is increasingly recognized. Renewable purchasing, organic materials and ecological thinking play an important role for manufacturers, but they also raise consumer awareness. Even if the term "natural make-up" still does not have a legal definition, the products nevertheless meet certain specific requirements. More information : . To learn more about the cosmetic active ingredients used in our products, contact professionals. First of all, they are not tested on animals, their ingredients are derived from fair and sustainable trade in raw materials and are therefore of natural origin. Natural cosmetic products generally do not contain additives such as mineral oils, petroleum derivatives, paraffin oils and compounds. Finally, whether it is a herbal product or not, it is.

The different ingredients in cosmetics

These are the ingredients that give the product a targeted action. They therefore allow promises such as "moisturize, soothe and mattify...". Cosmetic ingredients can have different origins and beauty cosmetic active. An active ingredient is a highly concentrated material of chemical or natural origin. It is introduced in small quantities into the object

The choice of a cosmetic product

The choice of a cosmetic product is based on many criteria, the most important of which is undoubtedly the nature of the skin. To avoid allergies or skin problems, choose only products and makeup that are appropriate for the skin type, and the makeup option should not be taken lightly. The colours of eye shadows, blushes, lipstick, foundation and powder, to enhance your appeal, must be adapted to your natural complexion... Most girls are used to testing specific cosmetic products recently launched on the market to see their effectiveness. Such a practice is not recommended in any respect.

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